How to entrance people to buy on your website

Writing sales copy can be a very technical and obviously highly valuable expertise. Copy writers basically pride themselves on being able to translate whatever product information is given to them by their employer or the company they are contracted to write for.

Writing for technology products

Usually, the best piece of information to refer to when trying to understand a new piece of software is the user manual. This contains all there is to know about the program, its features, benefits and most of all how to use it. However, it’s written under the assumption that the reader is tech savvy. But many of the people consuming software just aren’t in this category. In fact, most software is meant to solve problems for people rather than create more. This includes working out how to use it. IT really must be user friendly and much of the time it is. But take one look at the manual it comes with and it is more than enough to put anyone either into a hypnotic state or to sleep.

The role of the copy writer in this instance is to translate the manual into a way in which potential customers can understand the benefits and what problems the software solves for them. This is important because it is this that the person is going to buy the product for. They don’t care about the technical ins and outs of it.

Translating features into benefits people can relate to

Sales copy that goes onto a website must sell. Bottom line. When the people behind the construction of the product go into technical details, the emotion can be lost on the reader. This makes it hard for them to connect to the product and ultimately to want to buy it. Copywriters need to take plain, or overly jargon filled language and make it relatable to human experience. This makes it easier for the reader to understand because they can relate to it on a deeper level.

How to make any topic more interesting with words

Sometimes the same message can either come across bland and boring, and said in another way can really pop off the page and make you want to read more. The main punch line really is to evoke emotion in writing. This is primarily how human beings relate and connect. If they feel disconnected it’s alienating. When connected on the other hand, they feel good. They want more of this and less of the former, period. So when this rule is applied to say software products copy it can make all the difference in terms of whether they buy your software or that of a competitor.

How does one go about achieving this?

This was illustrated well by Conklin in his book from 1965 in which he wrote, of marketing copy – that whenever facts, feature and figures are described that they are framed as benefits to the reader or potential customer. Another way of thinking about it is to not get swept away by how much you know about something technical but rather how readers will be thinking about the product and what they need to get out of it.

Stick with this use of sales language and you’ll be able to sell the leg off a chair.